38. LIVE: Lightning Strikes Bitcoin and Binance Gets Its DEX on
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Kicking things off on a special live episode, has Bitcoin solved its scaling issues? Lightning Network launches, more than doubling transaction speeds! Colin is keen to explain it all. 'Bitcoin investors are clueless' says Visa's CFO. Are cryptocurrencies just the new casino for unaware buyers to double or triple their cash in a low interest environment? But is all the future crypto potential on the enterprise side? Payment rails should be very afraid! If cryptocurrencies can figure out how to scale up then there's no telling what they could do. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney thinks crypto has no risk to financial stability. At less than 1% of the global GDP at its peak and unable to function as a currency, Bitcoin isn't able to take on the financial system. ICOs split opinions on the panel but one thing's for sure, both public and enterprise want a solid infrastructure. Colin has some strong opinions on the future of cryptocurrencies, could they ever compete with banks or do they need to find a way…