21. Bitcoin futures & ConsenSys London launch party
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November 23, 2017
Welcome to an unusual show for us in recent weeks, as a new bitcoin high doesn't feature as our lead story! Getting us off the mark, the guys explore the new Bitcoin futures option from LedgerX priced at $10,000. Why did someone buy it, and could we be buying too? Next up, SegWit2x is back in the news, but having been called off last week, how has it caused some nodes to stumble? And our story of the week - the CME Group has announced that it'll launch Bitcoin futures. So does this represent Wall Street advancing on Bitcoin, or is it bringing crypto ever-closer to the mainstream? Answers on a postcard, please do let us know what you think @colingplatt or @sytaylor.] WTF Colin G Platt? Could your next trip to the cinema feature a blockbuster funded by crypto? If everything goes to plan for one Hollywood producer, then absolutely! So, will Hollywood become the next industry to be disrupted by DLT? And R3 founder and CEO David Rutter has spoken about why 2018 is a key year for him, and what it'll take to make…