24. CBOE futures, Bitcoin mining energy usage & investing responsibly
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December 14, 2017
G Sass is back in London for a second week in a row to join Simon for this week's recap of the top Blockchain news - and what a week of news it was. Bitcoin futures are now available for trading through CBOE. So what's a future, what's the significance of having a bitcoin future, and what was the impact when these futures launched? Next, why your grandmother should not be buying bitcoin, despite how easily some platforms are making it. The guys discuss the importance of investors' understanding of the market and risk. And if you do want to get up to speed on bitcoin, Colin gives his thoughts on the essential reading, and where to look for more information. Why are we so preoccupied with the energy consumption of bitcoin mining? And how might this impact the debate on energy use and climate change? Let us know why you think we're so attached to the energy narrative around bitcoin @BchainInsider. Digital Asset Holdings has been selected by Australian Stock Exchange, making it the first exchange to…