Hacksaw Ridge
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Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge is on trial this week. Can Joel convince Gav that this is a tasteful retelling of a true story that manages to capture the essence of the war and deliver real context and compassion for the horrors of war? Can Alex persuade Gav that this is an extension of the directors views and is just an excuse to show gratuitous violence and explosions while feeding into the stereotypes created during the WW2 propaganda regime. There's news about the reboot of Charlie's Angels, news about a new Terminator movie. We discuss our favourite war films and we see who wins Gavaroo… the game were the rest of the team have been doing their very best to wind Gav up all day long to see if they can get him to snap during the show.Special Guest: Ausy.Support Films on TrialLinks:Hacksaw ridge in 4k, Blu-ray and digital download — an affiliate link to the 4k version of Hacksaw ridge. If you were going to buy this anyway then you’d really help us out by buying it using this link.