CSR Hot Lap #7 - The Meteor//Intelligentsia Women’s Team Interviews
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Between 2 Wheels Podcast: Cycling News, Commentary, and Analysis from NorCal; Host Tyler Janke, Curt Mills and Chris Flower; CyclingNews. It’s been almost a week since the Chico Stage race kicked off and we are still pulling out interviews from the weekend. Here is another three-part interview with THE METEOR // INTELLIGENTSIA women’s racing team. We spoke with the team just prior to the final crit as they had their work cut out for them defending the green sprinters jersey. First up is team manager/rider BrittLee Bowman, then we speak to GC contender Daphne Karagianis (3:51 mark) followed by the rider with all the pressure, Jessica Mundy with the sprint lead. The team defended the jersey well giving Jessica the overall sprint win and they also went 3rd (Harriet Owen) and 4th (Jessica Mundy) in the Crit as well. You can find them online here: Team Website || Team Instagram Manager and rider BrittLee Bowman Instagram || Twitter @BBrittLee Daphne Karagianis – at 3:51 mark Instagram || Twitter @MissDaphers…