003: Remote Work with Allison McMillan and Bradley Schaefer
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Summary Allison McMillan (@allie_p) and Bradley Schaefer (@soulcutter) talk about remote work in the age of Slack. What makes a good remote worker, or a good remote working team? How can you support more junior team members who want to work remotely? How do you email cake to remote workers on launch celebration day? How can you improve code review for remote workers? Guests Allison McMillan: Software Developer at Collective Idea and Rails Girls Bradley Schaefer: Senior Developer at Table XI and the RSpec Core Team Show Notes 01:07 - Working Remotely: Getting Started, Setups, etc. Allison McMillan: Even the Justice League Works Remotely @ RubyConf 2016 03:19 - Coworking Spaces STARTMART 04:34 - What makes an individual successful to be able to work remotely? 07:30 - Gains and Challenges of Working Remotely 10:18 - Transitioning From Onsite to Offsite Work 11:48 - Being the Only Remote Person: How can companies help remote workers feel included? Slack Know Your Company 21:10 - Building Trust Between Companies…