28: Open Source and Companies with Nell Shamrell-Harrington
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Open Source and Companies with Nell Shamrell-Harrington Follow us on Twitter! @tech_done_right Also, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Guest Nell Shamrell-Harrington: Senior Software Development Engineer at Chef, CTO of Operation Code. nellshamrell.com Summary What's it like to run an Open Source project as part of your day job? How does open source change when it's backed by a company? Why is it useful for a company to run open source projects? Nell Shamrell-Harrington, who runs the Habitat project for Chef is on the show to talk about open source contributing and maintenance. You'll come away with some ways to be a better contributor and maintainer. Notes 01:57 - Nell’s History Working on Open Source gibbon 03:37 - Open Source Governance The FreeBSD Project 07:07 - Chef, Having Community Discussions, and Handling RFCs and Contributions Chef Compliance Habitat 13:48 - Being Involved in DevProgress and Campaign Volunteering as a Developer 20:57 - Closed Source vs Open Source Development 25:48 -…