001: Building Trust and Building Teams with Jessie Shternshus and Mark Rickmeier
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We talk about the role that trust has in building teams, and how improv games can help build that trust and improve the way you deliver feedback. Guests Mark Rickmeier: CEO of Table XI Jessie Shternshus: Founder of The Improv Effect and Author of the book, CTRL-SHIFT Show Notes 01:08 - The Improv Effect and Improv as an Effective Method of Communication - Yes, And! 03:21 - Working with Teams to Build Communication and Trust 05:20 - Ops Conf 06:02 - Tools or Games for Establishing Trust with Others Quickly in a Conference Environment - Commonality Boggle - Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors 15:23 - Group Facilitation Techniques 18:13 - Kickoff Techniques for Smaller, New Teams - Agile Software Development 22:30 - Techniques for Remote Team Communication 26:59 - Talking About Failure to Build Trust 28:42 - Giving and Receiving FeedbackSpecial Guests: Jesse Shternshus and Mark Rickmeier.Sponsored By:Table XI: A trusted UX design + software development company. We are 35 meticulous and…