004: In The Testing Weeds With Sam Phippen and Justin Searls
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February 22, 2017
Episode 004: Testing Summary Sam Phippen, Justin Searls, and Noel Rappin spend this episode talking about the value of test-driven development (TDD) as well as its cost. They discuss the kinds of problems that developers are likely to have after they learn TDD and attempt to apply it to a large application. Learn why Rails is both great and terrible for automated testing, and how testing can influence the structure of your code. Guests Sam Phippen: Engineer at Digital Ocean and member of the RSpec Core Team Justin Searls: Writes bad code effortlessly and cofounder of Test Double. Maintainer of several testing tools, and frequent speaker on test related topics. Show Notes 01:30 - Intermediate Level Problems in Testing 04:58 - The Value of Testing Boundaries by Gary Bernhardt 15:15 - Isolated Unit Tests 17:52 - Structuring Applications 23:13 - Test-Driven Development (TDD) Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests 33:22 - TDD in a Smalltalk Environment 35:00 - Isolating Tests in a Rails Environment…