5: It’s Not a Problem If You like It
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Why wouldn’t someone clean out their tabs, and why would you use a handful of browsers at once?! Jordan and Julian try to explain. Andrew gets a new machine, but finds himself in a predicament. Slack vs Teams, why both and how do they compare?Links:Microsoft Edge | Windows 10 Browser Official Site | MicrosoftChromium - The Chromium ProjectsFirefox Developer Edition — MozillaCreating and Using Profiles - The Chromium ProjectsHow to use multiple desktops on Windows 10 | Windows CentralSteve TS on Twitter - Fusion Drive == Bad IdeaATP 175: Dance PalaceATP 206: All You Need Is Five NerdsATP 214: Christmas PhoneATP 216: Thermal CornerAPFS explained; what you need to know for iOS 10.3 and macOSApple is upgrading millions of iOS devices to a new modern file system today - The VergeSteve TS on Twitter - WindowServer in High SierraSlack: Where work happensMicrosoft Teams – Group Chat softwareharksys/HawkEye: A useful app for GitHub NotificationsMetaLab - Slack