7: The Notch
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Julian fixes his Lumia 950 XL in a “smart” way. The iPhone 8 finally gets it’s discussion, back to Touch ID nightmares and more importantly, how will The Notch turn out?! Ending the show with a good old chat about gaming histories, feeling nostalgic and getting stupidly close to relapsing our addictions with games.Links:Mavis Episode 4: EmojayJulian Kay on TwitterMicrosoft Lumia 950 XLEssential Phone, available nowiPhone 8 Infrared Face Detection and General Device Design Revealed in HomePod Firmware - Mac RumorsEncryption key for iPhone 5s Touch ID exposed, opens door to further researchThe Cat and Mouse Game Between Apple and Jailbreakers is Only Just BeginningiOS 11 has a ‘cop button’ to temporarily disable Touch ID - The VergeHomePod firmware reveals iPhone 8 design and facial recognition | TechCrunchMcDonald’s Generates Buzz With Ad Showing iPhone 8 Mockup - Mac RumorsMotorola explains why the Moto 360 display still isn’t a perfect circle | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Harrison Weber[In-Depth Look] What’s…