8: TAI: Wine Maker Cruises with Keith and Martha Powell
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Keith's Parting Toast: There are big ships, There are small ships, But the Best Ships and are FRIENDSHIPS! Did Keith have a glass of wine while we interviewed? I bet yes! Don't light a match - this episode is soaked in glorious wine talk. To quote Keith, "The answer is WINE". Learn about Keith and Martha Powell's niche travel offerings, wine cruises and land tours. 2017 is SOLD OUT but 2018's offerings are about to be published. Take a listen and if this is the type of travel you crave - don't hesitate of you will miss the boat! Literally, you will miss it. These cruises are hosted by the Powell's on Holland American Line Cruise Ships. Keith describes a typical day on a Wine Maker's Cruise (amazing, naps needed). Martha recounts her farm to table meal experience on board HAL and the fresh herbs grown on ship. Wine enthusiasts and culinary travel fans alike will enjoy this episode. Special Guest: Keith and Marth Powell.Links:Wine Makers Cruise Website — Interested in joining Keith and Martha for a fantastic…