2: TAI Golf Tournaments Around the World w/ Kim and Keith Quimby
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Megan and the Quimbys talk RFID wallets before cussing and discussing the 24hr decision for Kim to pursue a career as a travel agent. Keith shortly followed Kim into a career filled with exciting trips around the world golfing the best courses, fine dining and friendship! unsplash-logoKenan Kitchen **TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE —-> Excerpt:** "Megan Chapa: Amazon is getting a good plug from us today. All right, thank you guys for that input. I think we should move on to the section that's about you guys, the stars of our show. Kim, would you be able to tell us a little bit about you guys as a couple and how you got into the travel industry in the first place? Kim Quimby: We've been married for quite awhile and Keith came home one day and he was working in the defense industry and informed that he was going to take early retirement and in that conversation it's quite difficult on me… He informed me that we would not be able to travel as much because he was taking early retirement and that I would have to find…