32: TAI: Love Learning Languages with Kerstin Cable or Creative Language Learning Podcast
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December 10, 2017
Language skills will enhance your travel experience and immerse you into the culture of your destination country before you even set foot in country. Do you have a year, six months or less before departure? Listen in for tips to learning your target language and to have FUN doing it. Want to refresh or build on the skills you already have? Be encouraged you haven't failed at learning that language. You need new techniques and motivation. Kerstin, adorable and positively, will encourage you and point you to the path of continued learning. Make sure to follow the links below for Kerstin's blog and podcast for people who love learning languages.Special Guest: Kerstin Cable.Links:Fluent Language Website: Blog, Podcast & Language Tuition — Kerstin’s webpage of language learning tools and the Cool Kids Club. Click to discover a new or rekindle your first language love. Enjoy!Creative Language Learning Podcast — Adorable Kerstin and her co-host Lindsay are obsessed with language learning. With 15 languages between…