1: TAI River Cruising With Matthew Wahlgren
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Megan and Matthew talk River Cruising. Matthew makes a surprise announcement about his latest charter Amazon river cruise for May 2018. http://www.matt.travel/Peru.html We also discover that Matthew is VERY adventurous when it comes to trying new food (this time in Japan). He came on the show to talk River Cruising but you might just decide to call him for an adventure in Japan too! **Transcript Available ———> EXCERPT:** Matthew: So it's most likely going to be the week of May 19th of next year. Megan: Okay. Good. Matthew: Yeah. It's small. It's like 30 person, so 15 rooms. It's a small group kind of an adventure and you go out o the Amazon. This is for people who are looking to see Toucans and Sloughs and pink dolphins out in the wild and that you get on these little skiffs. You know, your excursions aren't so much like the European river cruises where you drop off in towns although you'll do that too. You'll meet some communities but it's really about kind of getting off on these little skiff boats and go…