26: TAI: Jamaica for Every Vacation with Irene Sauger - Mon!
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Irene talks Mobile Passport as this weeks tech minute. A "must have" additional to anyones travel apps. It's like a fast pass for customs! Get it! Megan and Irene talk about Irene's journey to becoming a travel professional. It put her on the path to LOVING Jamaica and getting certified as a an exert by the Jamaican Board of Tourism. Irene knows Jamaica beyond the All-Inclusives and has a few wild stories about off the beaten places that you need to visit! Don't stop listening before Irene gets to her time in South Africa! Megan Finishes answering a question on her favorite vacation. This is a good one - Mon..! Special Guest: Irene Sauger.Links:Mobile Passport App - The App for U.S. customs and immigrationHome | Vacation Guru — Irene’s Website!File:Soursop, Annona muricata.jpg - Wikipedia — This is the weird relaxing fruit called sour sop from Jamaica!