12: Chris Coyier, Part Two - Getting Good At Pretty Much Anything
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On this episode, I continue the interview Chris Coyier. Chris is the creator of CSS-Tricks.com, Codepen.io, and hosts Shoptalk Show with Dave Rupert. In this second part of a two-part interview, Chris and I talk about getting good at being a musician (or at cutting hair), why we rewrite code we’ve already written, and lots of other necessary things. Mentioned: ShoptalkShow.com Codepen.io css-tricks.com DeveloperTea.com Don’t forget to subscribe, rate/review on iTunes, and get in touch! Twitter: @developertea - https://twitter.com/developertea) Email: [email protected] If you are enjoying the show, would you consider buying me some tea? http://www.developertea.com/buy-me-tea