7: Part two - The $150,000 Question About Design School
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On today’s episode, I talk with Nick Morrison and Kody Dahl, both students about to graduate from the design BFA program at Georgia State University, for the second part of our interview. Kody and Nick are both incredibly hard-working folks who happen to also work at Whiteboard. In part two, we have a discussion about their professors, design software, life skills, and we (try) to answer the $150,000 question. The interview went quite a bit longer than we expected it to go, so I’ve decided to split the interview into two parts, so be sure to check out part 1 of episode 7 as well. A big thanks to Nick and Kody! Follow them: @Nickm717 @kodieodie If you enjoyed this episode, please consider buying me some tea: http://www.developertea.com/buy-me-tea