1: Interview with Kevin Abt from Wahoo Fitness, a classic challenger brand
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Selected Links www.engine7.co.uk www.uk.wahoofitness.com www.turbobiketrainer.com www.trainerroad.com www.zwift.com www.tracksmith.com www.baronfig.com www.theappleofmyi.com/newsletter https://medium.com/@jonmoss/six-reasons-i-am-considering-ditching-my-iphone-after-ten-years-of-faithful-purchases-plus-what-i-ab9d29a2061a https://oneplus.net/uk/3t Show notes Thanks to Howard at Engine [01:00] Introduction to the podcast [01:20] Topics I’m going to be covering include technology, cycling, productivity, health, travel, design, marketing, coffee and a wealth of other interesting subjects with interviews and features from Remarkable Businesses [02:00] Welcoming Kevin ABT from Wahoo Fitness, head of International Sales and Marketing [02:35] Interview with Kevin over Skype [03:43] How did Wahoo actually start out and when? [04:18] We talk about the importance of the smartphone in health with sensors and the creation of smartphone connected devices [04:45] Leveraging the usability of the smartphone [06:00] Talking…