#7 Mira Calix
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MIRA CALIX is up next on excuse the mess. Mira is a multidimensional artist that first gained prominence for her experimental electronic music released on Warp Records. However, her projects go beyond the electronic world. She has worked with many prestigious contemporary classical ensembles, choreographers, theatre companies, robots, scientists, festivals and venues all over the world. As her career has progressed Mira learned she is “an environment builder”. Works have become more immersive, exploring a variety of art disciplines and influences in her creations. Along with the music Mira has a strong vision for the visual elements in her pieces and the overall experience for her audience through these “environments” she builds. The last 10 years have seen a number of these large scale pieces, traditional albums haven’t been her focus at all. It’s tricky to give you a sense of her more recent projects in a podcast as so much of their impact is in the visual element. I’ve included a ‘watchlist’ with links to…