#3b Emily Hall (Gender Inequality in Music)
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An important subject, which is rightly getting a lot of discussion at the moment, is that of inequality for women working in music and beyond. I spent a day with composer Emily Hall as part of episode 3 of excuse the mess. We got quite in depth on this subject over lunch and we thought it best to release as a separate episode. We reference an article a fair bit, as it acted as a great springboard for discussion - an article by Grace Banks for the Quietus which you can (and should) read here. It’s quite a candid conversation. Emily shares her thoughts and experiences on this topic which are well worth a listen. I hope you find it insightful. Keep the conversation going! Thanks for listening…Ben www.emilyhall.co.ukwww.etmpodcast.com excuse the mess is gratefully supported by Arts Council England and PRS Foundation