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SPOILERS – The Star Trek Discovery S1.E3, and The Orville S1.E4 are discussed. This week answer our premier #askSpock about the lack of female leads in TOS. Jonathan Kuehleien joins us for a live fact check of our second episode. We discuss Blade Runner as an example of film noir. Star Trek Discovery’s premier set Canadian broadcast records. We take a deep dive into Discovery Episode 3: “Context is for Kings” and The Orville Episode 4: “If the Stars Should Appear”. Picks: Blade Runner 2049 Star Trek Discovery Poster by Aaron Harvey Episode 5 Show Links: Blade Runner — Constructing a Future Noir ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Debuts To 9.6 Million Viewers, Record CBSAA Signups And Critical Praise STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Sets Audience Record in Canada Star Trek Discovery - “Context is for Kings” (USA) (Canada) Rehka Sharma - Battlestar Galactica, V Anthony Rapp - Dazed & Confused, Rent, Road Trip Basidium According to Star Trek: Discovery, Starfleet still runs Microsoft Windows “If the Stars Should Appear” The Orville,…