Lawyers get Shot Everyday, B. (Cam’ron Voice)
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The past few weeks we’ve been giving you all a more in-depth look at who we are as individuals. This is the last installment of our 3 episodes focusing on us as hosts. (1:51) Lawyers get Shot Everyday, B. You’ll be Aight! (Cam’ron Voice) For those not of the culture, it’s a Paid in Full/Cam’ron/Uncle Murda reference. We start off talking about how dangerous it is being a family law attorney. There are many instances where lawyers have been attacked, shot, and/or killed by former clients or former ex-spouses. Dealing with divorces, child custody, and money brings out the worst in people… sometimes making them dangerous. (7:22) Ann gets “Pulled Up” on after a court appearance! Dan in typical Dan fashion tells the story of how Ann represented a woman in a divorce case and WASHED the ex-husband in court. She took half of everything he owned, including things that you typically wouldn’t lose in a divorce. The ex-husband was so angry that he followed Ann for the rest of the day as she ran errands, followed her to…