NRA: National Redneck Association
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This week Dan On Drugs, Just-Ann, and Anonymous discuss gun control (or lack of), the Brady Bill, background checks, and go over the process of purchasing a firearm in Louisiana. We also take a look at how to completely avoid a Federal Background Check when purchasing a firearm. We take a look at some of the cities and states with the strictest gun laws and the correlating gun crimes in those areas. Requirements and process for purchasing firearms in Louisiana? Application Process Background Check Psychological/Medical Background check How many guns can you purchase at once (or in a specific time frame) What types of guns are legal/illegal The myth about “Gun Registration” Brady Bill What is the Brady Bill and why was it passed? Go over the prohibitions in section 922(g) Discuss the NRA trying to defeat the Brady Bill. The Brady Bill “Bypass” - (private sellers, in most states) Other Federal Gun Foolishness Federal law fails to require law enforcement officers to investigate the multiple sales or purchases…