STOP KILLING US! #AltonSterling
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Sidebar 01: STOP KILLING US! #AltonSterling Are there any consequences for cops killing black men? It was recently announced that Louisiana’s Attorney General will not pursue charges against the officers involved in the killing of Alton Sterling. According to the Justice Department, there was no evidence that suggested that Alton Sterling wasn’t reaching for a gun… but there wasn’t any evidence to suggest that he WAS reaching for a gun. We decided to break our regular schedule to do a sidebar episode breaking down the video evidence that is available to the public and find out why there were no indictments in the Alton Sterling case. Ann explains why the Justice Department didn’t pursue charges, and why if she were the Attorney General, she wouldn’t have either from a legal perspective. We’ve been to Baton Rouge, LA numerous times since the incident and Dan had a chance to speak with some of the residents. The general consensus is that there was always a distrust toward the Baton Rouge Police Department, and…