Prophets for Profit
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February 20, 2018
Ann, Dan, and Becky are joined by recurring guest Paul Smith from TruTalk on Tru Radio Network. In what was supposed to be an episode about the differences between for profit and not for profit organizations, we go way left as far as churches are concerned. What is the separation of church and state? What are the requirements you have to meet to become a church/religion? Why aren’t churches taxed? If you make a living from the church, do you have to pay personal income tax? Big BusinessWhere should we draw the line between profit and non-profit? If a church or pastor’s sole mission is to benefit financially from the congregation for personal gain, under the guise of spirituality, should they be charged with fraud? (Mansions, Cars, Vacays, Gifts, etc…) If there’s a separation between church and state and churches are tax exempt, should churches be allowed to require its members submit W2s or tax returns? What are Tithes for? Where does the money go? Using the traditional collection plate and donation methods,…