Operation Lockdown!
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This week on Black Law and Legal Lies, Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by “Officer Michelle” a former corrections officer at a county jail. Prior to retiring Michelle was a corrections officer for 22 years at a county county jail. We talk to her about her time on the job, some of the things she witnessed in the jail, and any advice she may have for new inmates who have never been to jail before. Some of the questions we ask Michelle are: * Why did you become a CO? * What are the requirements for becoming a CO? * What was a typical shift like? * What’s one of the weirdest things you’ve seen as a CO? * What’s the most tragic thing you’ve seen in the jail? * Does rape really occur in county jail? * How and where do COs have sex with inmates? * How does most contraband get into jail? * How many inmates have you personally beaten? * Have you ever seen an inmate masturbating? * What advice would you have for new inmates who’ve never been to jail? * How do you file a complaint against a CO? Prisoner’s Rights. * Do…