Medical Malpractice.
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This week on episode 33 of Black Law and Legal Lies, in response to Dan’s video about how he and Becky lost their son, we cover medical malpractice. In 2016 Becky gave birth to their son, Chance, prematurely after receiving inadequate care while she was hospitalized. The hospital and its staff failed Becky and Dan miserably by making no effort to save the child, or treat the woman. Dan recorded a very emotional vlog telling their story which can be viewed at: YouTube or on our website at Medical Malpractice. 1. What is medical malpractice, and how does it differ from negligence? 2. What is the process for filing a malpractice claim? Specifically in Louisiana? 3. Does it differ much in other states? 4. What do you have to prove in order to be successful in a suit? Trying to determine if the hospital contribute to the loss of Becky and Dan’s son: 1. Since Ann was there for majority of the situation, she shares her initial thoughts based off of what she saw at the hospital. 2. Did you see a…