The New Jim Crow.
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Some of this week’s topics with Ann, Becky, and Dan include: Jim Crow, racial profiling, mass incarceration, mandatory minimums, racism and AirBnB, Stop and Frisk, and more! (0:47) Jim Crow. Dan wasn’t aware that Jim Crow was not a real person. During his monologue Dan explains that he thought that someone named Jim Crow was responsible, or at least in part, for creating segregation laws in the south. Becky also admits she did not know that Jim Crow was not a real person. (2:10) The History of Jim Crow. Dan reads over the history of where Jim Crow comes from. In short, Jim Crow is a fictional character portrayed by actor Thomas Dartmouth Rice in one of the early Minstrel Shows. The name Jim Crow became a derogatory term used to describe Black people. (5:41) The New Jim Crow. Ann admits that she was unfamiliar with the term The New Jim Crow. Dan explains that the term is used to describe laws that specifically target and affect people of color; mass incarceration being one of the most notable. (7:44)…