How to Get Away with Murder.
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September 19, 2017
Dan on Drugs, Just-Ann, and Anonymous discuss the Equifax security breach and how to protect yourself, along with how to get away with murder. Equifax Security Breach: What should I do? Can I sue Equifax for not protecting my sensitive information? How do I join a class action lawsuit? How to Get Away with Murder: Each host devises their perfect murder plans and how they’d get away with it. Dan on Drugs and Just-Ann learn that Anonymous is one sick puppy, no, like really sick. Perfect High Profile Murders: Tupac/Biggie JonBenet Ramsey Jimmy Hoffa Chandra Levy Imperfect High Profile Murders: Rae Carruth Aaron Hernandez Oscar Pistorius High Profile Murders without Convictions: Robert Blake I’m not black, I’m OJ. Ray Lewis