Work That Poll. (Go Vote!)
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We’re dropping a day early in order to remind people that tomorrow is election day! Although voting isn’t a requirement, it’s a responsibility that should be taken seriously. No, Ann isn’t really MIA because she disagrees with voting she was actually out campaigning all week! Whenever she’s not on Dan makes up a new reason why. (0:18) Go Vote! Dan and Becky share their views on voting and why it’s important. (13:37) Key races to keep an eye on. (19:05) People who intentionally don’t vote. (21:26) Thomas Mundy Peterson. (24:31) Was the importance of voting taught at home? (27:49) The first time… (34:36) Discussion about voting an politics. (42:36) Voter eligibility, historically. (45:07) DNC Debacle. (51:27) Sidebar: Free Education. (58:52) Are we millennials? (63:18) N.C. Gerrymandering and Voter Supression. Remember if you enjoy the show, subscribe, rate, and tell a friend to tell a friend! You can find us on social media at: Twitter IG