Cruel and Unusual: Punishment by Death and Injury.
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September 25, 2018
This week our intent was to discuss wrongful death in jail/prison but the episode took a turn almost immediately. Becky decided to try an edible prior to recording and well… it really kicked in 30 minutes into the show. We still managed to drop a few gems here and there. (0:00) Random DID Observation. (1:15) Intro. (2:59) Wrongful Death in Prison. (11:14) Darren Rainey and Terrill Thomas. (26:41) Points of Failure? (29:59) Suicide in Prison. (33:36) Who can you sue? (44:15) Game Time. Let’s have some fun! (47:10) Becky’s Hypothetical Prison Murder. (50:56) Ann’s Hypothetical Prison Murder. (55:29) Dan’s Hypothetical Prison Murder. (59:53) Ask a HR Professional. (65:28) Special Announcement. Remember if you enjoy the show, subscribe, rate, and review! You can also find us on Social Media at: Twitter Facebook IG Email:[email protected] Dan: Twitter IG Ann: Twitter