You down with EEOC? Yeah you know me!
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September 26, 2017
This week Dan, Ann, and Anonymous discuss ex-convicts in the workplace, the EEOC, and releasing unrestricted medical records to your employer. We also take a look at revenge porn… no literally… we spent an hour just looking at photos.Ex-cons in the workplace:Can you discriminate against criminals in the hiring process?Which crimes disqualify you from which jobs?Why is there a stigma if they’ve served their time?Not disclosing past convictions on job application.What exactly is the EEOC and what do they do?What does filing a complaint with the EEOC do and what would you need in order to file a complaint?Revenge Porn:What is revenge porn? Does revenge rely solely on intent?Rob Kardashian releasing photos/videos of Blac Chyna on IG & Twitter faces revenge porn case.Is it considered non-consensual pornography if both parties agreed to and actively participated in the recording or photographing that was later released to the public with only one person’s consent?What are some of the loopholes in some of the…