Raped Once, F****d Twice.
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This week on Black Law and Legal Lies Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by Tyrone from “around the way.”How we buy eggs in New Orleans. The crew had no idea that Dan hit record just as Ann was telling us about an altercation she had with another Sam’s Club shopper in the parking lot. Rape Culture and Crime. Tyrone is a fairly recent graduate of an unnamed predominantly white, upper class university in the northeast. Since most of his classmates were affluent white males, we wanted to bring him in on Rape Culture since it appears white affluent males get slaps on the wrist for sexual crimes. For instance, we revisit: 1. Brock Turner - Stanford swimmer who was caught sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Brock Turner was sentenced to 6 months in jail but only served 3 months. He’s currently seeking a retrial. 2. David Becker - East Longmeadow High School student and athlete who sexually assaulted two girls at a party by penetrating each of them with his finger as they slept. David Becker…