Catfish Anyone?
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Catfishing. This week Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by guests, Ariel, DJ Ayce, and Nakia to discuss catfishing. We start the discussion with Ariel who has never personally experienced catfishing but would like to understand how people find themselves in the position to be a victim. Ariel shares that she prefers traditional dating methods and doesn’t necessarily trust online dating. DJ Ayce had a minor incident where a woman trying to catfish him in a BET chatroom… back when there was a BET chatroom??? He shares what happened in this particular incident and how he would react today if he learned he had been catfished. We briefly revisit Dan’s comments about dating initially being a matter of sexual attraction. Ariel and DJ Ayce both agree with his assessment. Nakia joins us later in the show to describe her experiences being both catfished and then becoming a catfisher in AOL chatrooms for entertainment purposes. When asked how she felt about potentially harming at least two people by using one person’s…