Discipline, Child Abuse, or Both?
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November 21, 2017
This week Ann, Dan, and Afro Becky discuss the difference between disciplining your child and child abuse. *What is child abuse? *Just-Ann disseminates Louisiana’s child abuse laws and what they mean for parents who engage in corporal punishment (aka whoopin’ that tail). The things that have been traditionally used in the past to “spank” children are now frowned upon and toe the line between legal and illegal. *How has spanking affected each of us? (not the freaky kind) *We all share our experiences getting spanked, objects that were used, and how it has affected us.*Child Abuse: *Is spanking/popping/slapping child abuse?How about a belt/switch or other object?Using physical activities as discipline, like push-ups, running laps, etc…By today’s standards, were old school Catholic Schools guilty of child abuse? *How can false allegations be proven by parents? *If a child or another adult were to make false allegations, is there a way that innocent parents can defend against such allegations? Are teachers,…