Tax Season! (aka Cuffing Season… for men)
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This week Ann, Becky, and Dan talk taxes and tax bae! Tax season, also known as cuffing season for men because in our community it’s not uncommon for single men to prey on single mothers with multiple children in order to claim their children as dependents. After claiming the woman’s children and receiving his refund, an experienced Tax Season cuffer will then proceed to spend much of the woman’s refund before dumping her. Tax Season Common Misconceptions (True/False): 1. You have until April 15th to file your tax return or you’ll be penalized. 2. You can claim your spouse/significant other as a dependent. 3. You don’t need to file if you make under a certain amount of money. 4. If you’re married, you can still file head of household. 5. You can only claim your child until they’re 18. 6. If you’re a working student you don’t have to file taxes. 7. There can be multiple heads of households at one address. 8. You can claim child support as a deduction. 9. You can claim alimony as a deduction. Questions from…