CPS: Child Profit System?
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Sadly (or not) Ann was not able to join us this week because of an impacted stool that she had to have digitally removed… or something. Becky and Dan are joined by recurring guest and host of the upcoming boxing podcast, The Boxing Critics, Paul Smith.(2:20) Drivers: Northern vs. Southern. Leading into how policing differs in the north and south we discuss the driving habits of both northern and southern drivers. We unanimously decided that people in the south suck at driving. Traffic laws are seldom enforced in the southern cities that we have experience driving in, which only encourages bad driving. Louisiana is routinely in the top 3 worst drivers, claiming #1 three of the last 6 years. North Carolina is ranked 8th in worst drivers. (6:50) Policing: Northern vs. Southern. We discuss the differences in policing in both the north and the south. We all agree that most northern cities are proactive in policing, while the southern cities are more reactive. Paul describes how he knows people who have been…