“Blue-blonick” Plague: Just-Ann still pays for porn.
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Dan on Drugs, Just-Ann, and Anonymous are joined again by Paul Smith to discuss what each host thinks should be illegal that is legal and vice-versa. We learn that Just-Ann has been scorned enough by adulterers that she would like to see people caught cheating on their spouses, thrown in prison, all while supporting polygamy. Dan on Drugs shares how Floridians participate in bestiality, but reject gay rights, and fights to legalize beating hookers. Headlines: The Trump Administration’s response to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.AaA: 1. Can the private school I work at force employees to enroll their children? 2. My job pays $12/hr and requires employees to pay $7/hr for an employee parking lot, even if employees don’t have cars or drive to work. Shout to the folks at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truradio1 where you can listen to Paul on Tuesday’s at 8pm EST.