Die, Witnesses.
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This week Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss the effects of Stop Snitchin’ in the streets, prison, and judicial system. We take a look at witness protection and how to keep the people who are willing to come forward to report crimes safe. Sidebar: Rapper Troy Ave. (who we admittedly don’t know anything about other than a couple of Breakfast Club interviews) and media personality and podcast host Taxstone got into an altercation in 2016 at Irving Plaza. This altercation left one dead and multiple injured. Rapper Troy Ave., also facing charges, has been on a media run since his release. In one of his songs he alludes to taking the stand and testifying against Taxstone. The general consensus in the hip-hop community is that this is snitching and would cost Troy Ave. his street credibility. Stop Snitchin’ 1. What are stop snitching laws? 2. What are the consequences of violating stop snitching laws? 3. What are the effects of stop snitching in the streets? 4. Effects of stop snitching in prison/jail? 5. What are the…