Bullies gon’ Bully.
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In the wake of the Keaton Jones “Fam Scam,” Ann, Becky, and Dan discuss bullying and the law. Bullying: What is bullying, as defined by the law? Is bullying illegal? Ann and Afro Becky have never been bullied before but Dan shares that he was bullied as a child after moving into a new neighborhood. Because Dan wasn’t born and raised in what eventually became his “hood,” he was bullied by other kids in the neighborhood before becoming accepted. In cases where bullying victims commit suicide or self-harm, should the bullies be charged with their deaths? If the bully is a minor, should the parents be responsible? What charges would the bully face? If the bullying happened at school, is the school liable? Why do bullies bully? *Old School Bullying. * Bullying was different in our day. We weren’t connected via social media and the the “cool kids” weren’t the ones that did the bullying. Dan’s theory is when you pick on people that are perceived as weak or are scared of you, you’re making them fight for their…