The Course of Divorce Court, of Course!
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This week Ann, Becky, and Dan tackle divorce. We also have the opportunity to speak with one of Ann’s former clients who Ann represented in a messy divorce case. (0:00-16:54) Divorce:What are fault and no-fault Divorce.Divorce without grounds based on physical separation.Contested divorces. What are they? Are they normal?Costs. How much does a typical divorce cost?(16:55-61:45) Interview with Ann’s former client, Shanell, who shares her divorce experience.Shanell got married in 2002 to who she though was the love of her life, it turned out she was wrong. In 2014 Shanell sought Ann out to represent her after her husband (at the time) filed for divorce. Shanell’s ex-husband found a new woman and moved on both physically and emotionally in the last year of their 12 year marriage, leaving Shanell and their daughter for his “side piece.”Shanell’s ex-husband took the opportunity in court to try and make Shanell look like a bad parent, bad spouse, and an overall irresponsible person. These attempts included…