Trans Mission.
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September 5, 2017
Episode 01: Just-Ann, Dan on Drugs, and “Anonymous” explore the world of Transgenders, same sex marriage and how (if at all) the law affects members of the LGBTQ community. Transgender Laws: Can you change your “sex” on your driver’s license/ID, birth certificate, and other official documents? Standing for the right to stand… or sit. Can a woman that was born as a biological male but still has a penis use the women’s bathroom legally? Can a man who was born as a biological female but still has a vagina use a men’s bathroom? If you were born a male, but identify and are recognized as a woman, which prison do you go to if you commit a crime? Are you a woman of childbearing age for medical insurance purposes if you’re transgender woman? Is there an age limit to being recognized as a Transgender? Can you be 8 years old and identify and be recognized as a boy if you’re a biologically girl? Same sex marriage: Parental Rights. Supreme Court case about the cake shop owner who refused to create wedding cake for…