Expungement: The Magic Eraser.
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In episode 36 of Black Law and Legal Lies, Ann, Becky, and Dan examine a few of the intricacies of expunging your criminal record. #WipeMeDown 1. What exactly does expungement mean? 2. If you’re crime is expunged does that mean you’re no longer convicted? 3. When a criminal background check is performed, does the crime show up? 4. The DIY guide to getting your criminal record expunged. There’s LITERALLY and app for that! Ann lays out the steps you’d need to take if you are attempting to have your record expunged. If you’re in Louisiana, the state offers a free app called the Clean Jacket app that you can use to request a crime be expunged. 5. What types of crimes are eligible for an expungement? (Ex. Drugs, DUI, violent crimes, felonies, misdemeanors, etc…). 6. If you plead guilty to a crime, can you still get an expungement down the line? 7. If the case is dismissed, retired, of you get a diversionary sentence, are you eligible? 8. If you’ve served time for your crime, are you still a candidate for an…