White (Super) Power!
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Ann, Becky, and Dan take a deep dive into White Privilege this week. White Privilege has been denied in part, by a large percentage of our caucasian brothers and sisters. The term has been called divisive, reverse racism, and an attempt to make white people feel bad about being white, among other things. Joined by Paul Smith (from The Boxing Critics Podcast), we share a handful of times that we’ve experienced White Privilege first hand. (1:18) What is White Privilege? In our own words, we each describe what we believe White Privilege is. (18:16) Experiences with White Privilege (joined by Paul from TBC_Pod). Becky shares a story about her and Dan visiting the French Press coffee shop in Kenner, Louisiana. Becky and Dan ordered 2 coffee drinks, paid, and took a seat. After about 10 minutes they witnessed other customers, who all ordered after them, being served. After about 20 minutes, they saw other customers being served full meals as they still waited for their coffee drinks. After about 30 minutes Dan,…