Rewind! A Year End Review.
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September 4, 2018
Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary! Well kinda… technically our anniversary is September 5th but in keeping with our regular Tuesday releases, today we celebrate! In mid 2017 Dan came up with the idea to create a relatively unique podcast that there appeared to be an open lane for. He pitched a legal podcast for the culture to Ann who was immediately onboard with the idea. Not very many people in our community have access to free legal advice or an attorney that can relate to the culture. Ann and Dan recruited a third host who agreed to join the show but she missed multiple recordings and bailed on us. Becky was a fill-in who then became a permanent co-host. Our mission has always been to educate and entertain. In our first year we feel like we hit the mark. For our anniversary episode we look back at some of our favorite and most compelling episodes. (2:53) EP00: Pilot. Dan didn’t believe it was possible to rape your spouse. (3:59) EP11: Spousal Rape. We talk to Diane a victim of…