Minding yo Black Business(es)!
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This week Ann, Dan, and Becky are joined by Stacy Alugas, a black business owner and entrepreneur. (00:20) Interview/Discussion with Stacy Alugas of Blossom Beauty. Stacy shares some of the hurdles she faced in becoming a salon owner, most of which were presented by other people of color. Stacy explains how many doors were slammed in her face when she attempted to seek knowledge about the industry she was trying to break into. Luckily this didn’t deter Stacy from following her dream. She talks about how she financed her business and the steps she took to put her into the best position to succeed. (19:20) Organic Vag Pads! (aka Cherish Sanitary Napkins) As an entrepreneur Stacy was presented with an opportunity to lead a mission to inform women, especially women of color, of the little known negative side-effects of using traditional hygeine products. It is said that traditional store bought sanitary napkins and tampons contain chemicals that are absorbed into the body when in use. She provides a completely…