Deadbeat Motherf****r Playin’ Border Patrol. (feat. Jayden Hollywood)
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Ann, Becky, and Dan are joined by Jayden Hollywood who as part of the Unapologetik Podcast tour landed in New Orleans, LA. (1:50) Introducing Jayden Hollywood. Although most of you know Jayden from the Unapologetik Podcast, for those of you who don’t here’s your crash course! He talks about his milestones in podcasting, his favorite city that he’s visited on the Unapologetik tour, and his career. Follow Jayden across all platforms @TheGreatJayden and his podcast at @UnapologetikPod. (11:18) Financial Literacy (or the lack of). With Jayden being our unofficial official accountant, we wanted to discuss finances. We go around the room to see if we can identify financial mistakes or bad financial decisions that predominantly affect people of color. We conclude that financial literacy should be both taught at home, and in school. Unfortunately it’s not. (25:24) Immigrant Concentration Camps. The Trump administration initiated a zero tolerance policy for immigrants crossing US borders illegally. Some of the…