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Ann and Dan are joined by their special guest “Anonymous” to discuss complete randomness. Celebrity: Does Usher really have herpes? Who leaked the settlement details? If the allegations of R. Kelly having a sex cult are true, is there any criminal misconduct by R. Kelly? Consent: If you give sexual consent, can you revoke the consent during or after penetration? Is it possible for you to rape your spouse? Is consent assumed in a marriage? Toss around a couple of Mystikal, Jeffrey Dahmer, Bill Cosby, Darren Sharper, Ted Bundy, and Michael Jackson mentions here and there, you have a whole ‘lotta raping going on. Headline: An Oregon family has their children removed from their custody because the parents have a low IQ. Is this both legal and moral? * * Ask an Attorney: Questions submitted by Social Media friends 1. “Can you sue a broad for having trash vag?” (we really need new internet friends!) *2. “Why is it that women generally get custody of the children during a divorce or separation, automatically?” 3.…