DNA Exoneration…Free at Last!
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This week Ann, Becky and Dan are joined again by Paul Smith to discuss exoneration. We take a look at 2 particular wrongful conviction and incarceration cases in Louisiana. (0:19) Malcolm Alexander A Gretna, Louisiana antique shop owner was allegedly raped twice at gunpoint from behind. She did not get a clear look at her attacker. Months later, Malcolm Alexander had a consensual sexual encounter with another white woman who afterwards demanded money. When Mr. Alexander didn’t pay her, she went to the police and reported the encounter as sexual assault. Malcolm Alexander was subsequently arrested, the charges were later dropped. For some reason the police department thought that they should show Mr. Alexander’s photo to the antique shop owner months later. She said that he kind of looked like the guy she didn’t get a good look at. Mr. Alexander was brought into a lineup with other people that the shop owner did NOT see photos of. Of course she positively identified him. Malcolm Alexander was sentenced to…